Dói o coração pensar que BSG está acabando. Dói mais ainda saber que a grande maioria dos episódios desta última temporada foram super-mornos. Sem graça… Até 4.10, que me deixou sem fôlego. Parece que eles enfiaram um monte de linguiça no meio e deixaram tudo de bom para este episódio. O texto que está na EW exprime exatamente o que eu senti ao assistir “Revelations”.

I’m not even gonna use fake profanity. Not for this. I knew going into this midseason finale that we’d get the answer to either who the fifth Cylon is or where Earth might be. After all, one out of two ain’t bad.

Unfortunately, I’ve found it a little too easy to be down on this show as of late. Some of that is the producers’ fault — too little happened, too many detours, too many episodes that felt like filler when what we needed was killer. And some of that is my fault — I have, perhaps unfairly, held Battlestar Galactica to a standard that maybe no show could meet, week after week. I’ve wanted every episode to be ”33,” and that may have been just too much to ask.

But every now and again, you get exactly what you wanted for Christmas. Every now and again, you get ”Revelations.”

Speaking of revelations, they did come pretty fast and furious in this one, didn’t they? First, we learned from D’Anna that only four of the Final Five are in the fleet. So where’s the Fifth?”


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