I’m the fifth cylon


I swear I am. I hear music all the time inside my head. 

Anyways, antes de estreiar a quarta temporada de Battlestar Galactica na sexta passada, a New York magazne publicou uma entrevista com o Michael Hogan, o Cel. Tigh ou o maior cylon hater of all time. 

How does it feel to be a Cylon?
It’s not an easy question to answer. A switch didn’t go off in my head that goes “Oh, I’m a Cylon.” Hearing the music in my head … Saul Tigh has been through so much in his life. Taking over the ship from Adama. Being incarcerated and having his eye taken out. Being involved with the resistance. Having to put his wife away because we’re behind enemy lines and she’s collaborated with the enemy. The man wakes up every day in a very confused state. So hearing this music and being drawn to the source, me as Hogan – and I think Tigh, too – treats it more as a mental illness. “Whoa, what’s going on here now?” It’s almost like you’re developing schizophrenia. You wake up in the morning and all of a sudden there’s a ringing in your ears.

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