Black waves/bad vibrations…


…or, a new post on the pretty boring Vanessa’s discovery series. (Still typing from the bed!).

The “clean the house” can explain. It’s not I’m a very neat person with my house. Cause I’m really not, fuck the cleaning. It’s just that since I’ve moved here, about a year ago, I never had a chance to unpack completely and put everything in place. You know, that kind of task that you are always telling yourself, “I’ll do it when I have the time.” Well, now I have the time, so I will do it.

The other day I found my CD collection. Or what I call a CD collection. Who buys a CD nowadays, anyway? You know, not that I pray for people who steeling music online. Cause that, we all do, sir. Yes, that’s right, naughty kids. But really, I don’t anyone opening a CD case and putting it in the stereo system. It just seems dumb. Download it already. i-Tunes, hello! Anyway, one day a friend of mine said he couldn’t respect anyone with less than 500 CDs or something. That’s so last century, my brother. I can’t respect anyone with less than 5000 downloaded albums. That’s 2007.

Speaking about albums, what have you guys been listening lately?

Apart from the The Fratellis album, nothing new caught my attention in the past few weeks. I mean, the Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible is pretty good, but nothing close to funeral. I still didn’t catch up with all the new releases such as Kaiser Chief’s Ruby, and the new Modest Mouse or The Shin’s albums. It seems like all the people I love who released a CD in 2005 is back with much more this year. I should probably catch up with the new King of Leon. The Bravery, Block Party, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah all have a new CD out too. You see, everybody!

I didn’t go to Austin for the South by Southwest festival. I simply forgot to reserve a room and the whole city seems to be sold out. So, I had to cancel that. I truly suffer with my stupidity. **Gra, here is a queue for you: use this one to write a list of Vanessa’s stupid acts. Another one can be the Arcade Fire concerts I missed in New York and the tickets for the Coachella I forgot to buy and now cost something like 2 thousand bucks… I hate myself.

They already announced the dates for next year’s SXSW. Guess what: I’m reserving the best hostel tonight. Yeah! I’ll go to the festival next year. I don’t care.

About Neon Bible: like Keane’s second album, it’s so sad, so cold, so dark. It speaks about the lack of hope, the end of everything, the death inside, wasted time and pain. Only dark themes. The church aspect is really clear in all the songs.


One Response to “Black waves/bad vibrations…”

  1. If you’d like to reserve for SXSW – a year ahead of time isn’t too early… book online or give us a call @ 512-444-2294

    Hostelling International in Austin’s staff reads people’s blogs for comments about the hostel – so that’s how I found yours. We’re not creepy stalkers, we promise.

    Talk to you soon!
    HI-Austin Staff.

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