Weekend Soundtrack


Take some smart guys a la Weezer, mix in a little bit of The Cars, add in some organic elements of J. Geils Band, stir in a dash of Cheap Trick flavor and let it all cook with tunes that are fun to hear, and you’ve got the dish on up-and-coming rockers OK GO.

Chock full of sugar-high keyboards, English-major alliterations, and singer Steve Bays’ chutes-and-ladders voice, Make Up had an exuberance that made even its self-mutilation single a dancefloor staple for people who aren’t dancefloor staples.

Muted brass moans and trades fanfare, static crashes, the guitars ring, and slowly it begins to come together. The structure is modest at first, but as sweat pours in, the project’s scope reveals itself. Recording a Tape the Colour of the Light is colossal. The payload of six years’ determination, the debut album from Bell Orchestre (French pronunciation: “or-kest”) gives orchestral post-rock the update it has desperately needed since Godspeed You Black Emperor! reached the genre’s creative apex with their classic Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven five years ago.


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