Finalmente anunciaram quem será a atração brasilei…


Finalmente anunciaram quem será a atração brasileira do Summerstage:

Artist: Ara Ketu – Bahia, Brazil

Music: Formed in 1980, Ara Ketu has seen the release of multiple gold and platinum albums throughout their career along with numerous music awards. 12 members strong, Ara Ketu produces an energetic, danceable mix of Afro-Bahian percussive grooves mixed with electronic instrumentation.

Film: The documentary Fala Tu (Lives of Rhyme), written by Nathaniel Leclerly and directed by Guilherme Coelho, tells the life story of three little-known rappers from the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. The film captures how rap affects their daily lives and how their own experiences shape the way they write and sing.

Artist: Margareth Menezes – Bahia, Brazil

Music: Margareth Menezes is a celebrated pop star in her native Brazil who has gained international recognition. Performing every chance she could in her youth, Menezes released her first self-titled solo album in 1981. The following year she released the highly touted Eligibo, which planted itself at the top spot on the Billboard World Music chart for 11 weeks.

Film: Directed by Paulo Morelli, Speaker Phone is a fast paced comedy about an insecure man who tries to break up with his lover, but his wife hears everything through the speaker phone in the car.

O interessante é que na apresentação do Brasil vai ter também apresentação de dois filmes, a parte ruim é que as atrações não são aquelas que nós estávamos esperando.


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